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Aquinelle: The Toilet Tissue Spray


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv lately and one thing that took me a while to get used to is that over there seemingly everyone uses wet wipes (to clean multiple body parts…) and toothpicks on a regular basis – even at fancy restaurants. When I asked a close friend about it she told me that growing up her mother always told her, “you’ll never get everything without a wet wipe.” Well…she’s not wrong! And it seems the US is catching on. Just recently, I was watching Shark Tank and a new line called Dude Wipes got an investment from Mark Cuban. Aquinelle is a new line created in the same vein; it’s a toilet tissue spray, a.k.a. the frugal version of wet wipes. Full-size bottles (8.25 oz) are $9.99 and travel-size bottles (3.25 oz) are $4.99. They come in a few scents (Ocean Breeze, Rainforest, Citrus Burst, and Island Mist) and contain aloe vera and witch hazel to sooth your backside.

It’s not exactly a glamorous topic, but for a clean and fresh behind, it’s hard to argue with the appeal (especially for men and kids, as we know they don’t exactly do thorough wipes). I recently gave a bottle to a friend who found skid marks doing her boyfriend’s laundry…so gross! She’s now looking for a subtle way to give him the bottle. It’s also worth noting that this is cost-effective in that you’ll need a lot less dry toilet paper to properly clean and the bottle is nice enough to display without much embarrassment in your bathroom.


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