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El Camino Travel: Travel with a Personal Photographer

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Put your selfie stick down! El Camino Travel is a new group travel service that organizes trips for you and your friends (you can also go as an individual if you’re looking to meet new people), and sends a professional photographer along with the group. The photographer will be on hand to capture the whole experience (no more missing out on being in that group photo!) and will deliver 20+ images every morning that you can immediately share with your social media followers. Crazy or genius? I’m still trying to figure it out for myself! So far, the vacations go to Nicaragua and Columbia, but they are working on adding new destinations. Photographer aside, the trips sound awesome. There are about 12 travelers in each group, and each excursion lasts nine days and eight nights (the cost is just over $2,000). Airfare and alcohol are not included, but lodging and most meals are and the itineraries seem well-balanced between adventure time and chill time – and of course many of them are designed with Instagram-friendly results in mind (think volcano bathing, salsa dancing, surfing, and artisan market shopping). I’ve read up on reviews of the service and even some travel writers said the photographers they were set up with were so great that they barely took any of their own pictures. Again, I’m more interested in checking out one of the trips because the experiences sound fun and unique, but I won’t argue with some fun social media snaps to post along the way…


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