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Learning How to Cook with Blue Apron

Learning How to Cook with Blue Apron

Cooking is one of those skills like skiing, golfing, or playing tennis…you don’t need to know how to do it, but it sure helps in many social aspects. With cooking specifically, it’s not only a social matter, however (though I do love having people over for food!); it’s also great to actually be able to control what you’re eating, especially if you’re picky when it comes to salt, sugar, and fat like I try to be. Unfortunately, I suck at cooking (I have little patience), and living alone I certainly don’t have the desire to go out and buy a million ingredients only to have most of them go to waste. Blue Apron makes this whole thing a non-issue because they send you all the ingredients you’ll need to create your meal in exactly the right proportions. Better yet, they use high-quality ingredients, many from local farms, and guide you through the process. The downside is that it’s not designed with singles in mind. You opt for either a two-person or a four-person subscription, and a flat rate of three meals per week. The two-person plan is about $60 per week, while the family plan is about $140 per week. You can cancel at any time and shipping is free. I’ll also say that I made these meals with my brother, and he needed two of them to feel full and while he’s active, he’s a skinny guy!

You should also expect to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes (probably closer to an hour) preparing the meal. A Blue Apron meal isn’t just simple salmon and steamed vegetables; it’s more involved, which makes it perfect for someone who either finds cooking relaxing or is trying to pick up new skills like me. I wouldn’t do this every night, but every so often it’s an awesome and very, very affordable option that I would highly recommend. Also, from reading a bunch of reviews online, it seems that the consensus is that it’s better than competitors like Plated.

On a side note, if you’re looking for a cookie version of Blue Apron, I’m obsessed with Scratch and Grain. The cookies are so delicious…like beyond!!! Even when I burned some of them at one point while baking in London (got Fahrenheit and Celsius confused…), they were good!

Tina recently took on Blue Apron’s Southern-style chicken cacciatore. Follow Bag Snob on Snapchat for more videos!


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