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Why You Might Want to Use Facial Oil — Even on Oily Skin


Facial oils aren’t evil – even if you have oily skin! In fact, facial oils, for the most part, work for all skin types. Why? Most people with oily skin tend to over-cleanse in an effort to control the levels of oil on their skin. Unfortunately, this only makes your skin produce more oil to compensate for the natural oils you’re stripping away! As a result, your skin gets clogged down with an excess of sebum and breakouts tend to ensue. Anyone who has been there knows how stressful this can be! Instead of using a product that will strip your skin, try a facial oil that will give it the fatty acids and moisture it needs; this will create balance, meaning your hyperactive sebaceous glands will stop overproducing sebum. I realize this can be scary, but from experience – and from that of many of my friends – it’s one of the most effective ways to “fight” oily skin.

That’s not all, though. Oils are particularly great options come the harsh winter weather because they also act as barriers for your skin, protecting it against extreme temperatures and dry air. Not all oils are created equally, however. Try to avoid ones with lots of fillers and additives – the purer, the better. Camellia, apricot kernel, avocado, rosehip, jojoba, and argan are just some of the oils to look for. The Body Shop has just launched a collection I’m loving because the formulations are concentrated, lightweight, and fast-absorbing without costing an arm and a leg (they blend a few of the aforementioned oils together in their various products).

This brings me to the final point: a little goes a long way with oils especially, when you’re opting for a pure one (remember your skin can only absorb so much – if you over-apply the product or opt for an oil that is too heavy, it will just sit on your skin).

Also note that exfoliation is key; don’t apply a facial oil without properly exfoliating or you’re just asking to break out! And it’s best to apply a facial oil no more than once a day, at least at first, and have that once a day be at night when your skin produces less sebum.


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