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Milli Millu The Quebec Shoulder Bag: A Little Goes a Long Way


Milli Millu founder and designer, Mireia Llusa-Lindh, is one of my favorite gals who knows her bags. Like me, looks are absolutely important to her, but the perfect bag also has details for conveniences. After all, convenience is luxury in itself. Mireia’s interiors are so incredible; she features thoughtful pockets and compartments that are all labeled for a Type A’s dream come true! Even this small bag has designated “My Phone” and “My Makeup” storage.

Speaking of which, I am currently in love with this Quebec shoulder bag, with its classic pill shape featuring a minimal yet impactful tab detail. It’s a small bag that really packs a punch, and it’s happily big enough for things like a sunglasses case, which I always have to forgo when electing a smaller bag. The Quebec comes in four colors: Black and white never fails, but the grey lamb fur with slate-gray leather trim is insanely lust-worthy.

And because we love her, Mireia is loving us back. With the code BAGSNOB15, you get 15% off. It’s valid until the October 10th on all styles. To top it off, October marks Milli Millu’s fifth birthday, and to celebrate, all orders will come with a special gift! Milli Millu black and whiteicon and grey bagsicon at Milli Millu for $355.

Wear with: 3.1 Phillip Lim’s cute, cropped bomber jacket takes a tomboyish style and feminizes it with a shrunken fit and plenty of sheen. 3.1 Phillip Lim flight jacket at Shopbop for $725.

Milli Millu The Quebec Shoulder Bag

Milli Millu The Quebec Shoulder Bag



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