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ADORAtherapy: Mood-Boosting Aromatherapy Sprays


There’s nothing that will affect my mood quite the way the weather will. When it’s sunny, minor annoyances just roll off my shoulder; when it’s cold or stormy, I’m just PISSED.ALL.THE.TIME. To this day, I question how I survived four years at Cornell…though, truth be told, I didn’t go to class all that much because of my issues with the weather. Given the impending winter, my interest was peaked by an all-natural, mood-boosting aromatherapy brand, ADORAtherapy. Anything to help ease the tension that comes with a gray sky! The brand makes roll-ons, oils, and sprays designed to boost your mood by stimulating your senses. I know there are doubters, but think about it: when you put on your favorite perfume, doesn’t it instantly affect your mood? I know I feel sexier the second I spray on White Suedeicon from Tom Ford…even if I’m dressed frumpily. Or, conversely, how much is your mood altered when you sit next to someone smelly? I even get headaches when I’m around noxious smells. I’m not saying that these roll-ons will be like Prozac, but there is something to the power of aromatherapy. Plus, some of these double as perfumes! Here’s a look at some of their standouts:

Chakra Mood Boost Roll-Ons: Use this one as a perfume, pressure point application, or inhalation for a boost (it should have a calming effect).

Passion Boost Oil & Mist: This is a blend of sandalwood, neroli, and jasmine; I love this combo. Sandalwood is my favorite note after musk. This one works great as a room spray – or mist your bed linens with it.

Prosperity Boost Oil & Mist: This one is made with organic cinnamon, clove, and patchouli essential oils, as well as gem and flower essences. It works great in a bath.

Good Mood Boost Oil & Mist: This is a mix of organic sage, peppermint, and lemon. They recommend this for trains, planes, and automobiles because of its clean scent (very handy also for the aforementioned smelly people, should you be in that unfortunate circumstance).

These are just a few of them; check out more at ADORAtherapy. You can also always stop by a place like Whole Foods, and go with your instincts and blend your own mood booster!


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