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Hero Clean: Cleaning Products Built for Men

Hero Clean

Most men are pigs when left to their own devices! I dated someone not too long ago who would eat something, and just leave the food and the dirty plate out afterwards. When I asked him about it, he said his cleaning lady was coming soon anyway, but umm…what about till then?! Somehow he never had a roach problem, which to this day shocks me (especially since I had a bug – ants – problem and I clean obsessively!). I’m not sure a line targeted to their gender can convince a lazy man to clean, but it can’t hurt, especially one that’s as affordable yet as mindfully priced and packaged as Hero Clean (the line ranges from about $5 to $15). They’re the first home cleaning products built specifically for men (everything from the packaging and product mix to the formulation and fragrance). The line includes laundry soap, all-purpose spray cleaner, odor eliminating spray and dish soap. I like that it’s a well-edited collection. Men aren’t interested in having a million products laying around; this offers them all the products they need to keep their home and gear clean.

Putting aside men lucky enough to be able to afford cleaning help, it’s no secret that most cleaning products are targeted towards women and have a flowery scent. For the millions of men living alone, this is a great alternative and females will love walking into an apartment with a fresh juniper scent! On a side note, a portion of proceeds benefit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Here’s hoping I can convince the next guy I date to use these products…


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