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Insider Favorite Dee & Ricky Launches E-Commerce


New York scenesters Dee & Ricky have collaborated with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Casio on artfully-unique items and while they’ve been widely sold in Japan for years, their pieces haven’t been all that easy to get in the States. Now they’ve finally launched an e-commerce site! The brand got its start thanks to Marc Jacobs. The story goes like this: the two designers were at a party in the Hamptons and Jacobs’ friend asked them about a Gucci-inspired Lego belt they were wearing…and just like that, the next day they had a meeting at the Mercer Hotel and shortly thereafter they saw their Lego accessories walk down the Marc Jacobs runway! If you’re looking for a conversation-starting accessories piece, check out their site, which is stocked with a selection of whimsical pins, hats and a few other accessories. Most items are priced around $50-$60. My personal favorite is their signature Lego Heart pin ($50). But I also wouldn’t say no to a Buttered Waffle pin ($60) to spice up a basic tank with a bit of humor!

Insider Favorite, Dee & Ricky, Launches E-Commerce


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