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Luz de la Riva: Intimate Cosmetics

Luz De La Riva

Sometimes you just have to spice things up in a relationship to keep it interesting. I’m about the last person to get out of my comfort zone, which is why I was intrigued by Luz de la Riva. The brand makes intimate products that aren’t completely blush-inducing, so even if you’re shy/body-conscious, you’ll probably be able to find the courage to bring them up with your partner. They’re also formulated with all-natural scents (no worries about irritation) and are free from all harmful chemicals; an obscene amount of intimate products have parabens, SLS, and glycerin because they’re not regulated by the FDA and these ingredients make for cheap preservatives. The company is owned and run by women, and while I haven’t tried any of their personal lubricant (they’re derived from plants and herbs with aphrodisiac properties), I love their massage oils…I have a bad back!! What better excuse than that to test out these products?

They’ve got a few different ones. Lulu 24K Organic Kissable Massage Oil ($39) comes in Forbidden Fruit flavor and is made with edible 24K gold flakes and natural pheromones. Lulu Organic Kissable Massage Oil ($28) is available in Forbidden Fruit and Dulce de Leche, is formulated with natural pheromones, and is also 100% edible. Then all-natural Stella Massage Oil ($29.50) is available in Marrakesh, Wild Orchid and Sweet Chérie. I’m not up for eating (licking?!) massage oil just yet but the products feel fantastic without any gross, sticky residue; and I love that the ingredients are all-natural/organic, so if you do feel inclined to take a lick…


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