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Ombré Eyebrows Are In – But It’s Not What You Think

Ombré Eyebrows Are In - But It's Not What You Think

A brewing trend thanks to runways and celebrities is ombré eyebrows. Don’t worry; it’s not like the ombré hair trend whereby there’s a clear color fade. It’s way more subtle – and for good reason. As someone who has made the mistake of lightening her brows only to spend YEARS living with the consequences I can’t stress enough how important it is to NEVER, ever lighten your brows via bleach. And don’t think that just because you’re doing it at a reputable salon you’re off the hook. I had my brows lightened at Oscar Blandi and they still turned orange – and years later continue to be orange. The ombré brow trend is more a pro “trick” whereby the color is slightly lighter on the inside of the brow (from the middle of the brow toward the nose). Again, the key is not to lighten that part of the brow but to DARKEN the ends. Safety first!

Ombré Eyebrows Are In

The reason this trend is so interesting is that it goes against conventional wisdom. Most of our brows get lighter at the edges since that’s where the hairs are less dense. By darkening the edges (again, a very subtle darker), it helps bring out your features. If you want this look in any sort of “permanent” way (I put that in quotes because even if you go to a professional, it won’t last more than a few weeks unless, again, you bleach and risk going orange for years!) and you’re in NYC, head to Warren-Tricomi and get your brows done by Misty. She’s the only person who has been able to save my orange brow disaster these last few years and I have been to dozens of people.

If you’re looking to try out the trend at home first, use a brow powdericon and/or gel, using the gel to set the ombré look (I swear by this gelicon; it’s important to apply very light pressure, however, so you can control the amount of color transfer).

Ombré Eyebrows Are In

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