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Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags: Eat, Dress, and Be Merry!

Top 5 Food and Cocktail-Inspired Bags

It’s that time of year when we have feasting and drinking on the brain (much to our New Year’s resolution-fueled January 1st selves’ chagrin). Why not playfully put this on display with our accessories? When everything is lit up brightly enough to hail a spaceship, your usual boxy, black tote seems tired. Wire up with a tasty treat! And while these kitschy bags may seem frivolous, some are actually more practical than expected – making the holiday hangover just a little less painful.


1. MM6 Maison Margiela Box-Shaped Shoulder Bag: Is this an unusual shape? Yes, but it steers clear of comical and in metallic gold is the perfect decoration for your winter attire. On Farfetch for $650.


2. Mark Cross Grace Large Trunk Bag: I would be remiss to exclude the original trend-setter. I’ve been loving our pink and blue version; it’s way more functional than you’d expect! At Barneys New York for $2,495.


3. Skinny Dip Takeout Handbag: You know you can already think of at least five parties this would win rave reviews at! At a cool $41.50, that’s some of the best-priced takeout money can buy. At Selfridges for $41.50.


4. Benedetta Bruzziches Cabaret Metallic Diamante Ribbon Clutch: Doesn’t this look like decadent chocolate is wrapped inside? Though I’d want a bag over candy any day, it’s a surprisingly sweet treat when those worlds collide. At Selfridges for $950.


5. Kate Spade Champagne Bucket Bag: A cylinder bag is already novel, but as a champagne bucket, it becomes the life of the party. At Kate Spade New York for $298.



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