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All-Natural Condoms Are Now a Thing


Condoms, at least I thought, were by and large purchased by men, but it turns out women actually buy 40% of them; and now a new brand, Sustain, is trying to capture some of that market by appealing to women with what they’re calling “all-natural condoms.” Interestingly enough, the brains behind the brand are a father-and-daughter team. The father in the equation is Jeffrey Hollender, the CEO of the environmentally-safe brand Seventh Generation. While most women spend a great deal of time fussing over what ingredients they put on their skin and which are in the foods they eat, very few of us have spent that much time – if any – thinking about the…umm…rubber that goes in our body, and that’s unfortunate because many condom brands have things like nitrosamines and spermicides, which have been shown to not only cause irritation but to potentially be carcinogenic. L. is another brand leading the way in ushering in this trend of all-natural condoms, and aside from being free of carcinogenic ingredients, they claim to not have the latex scent mainstream condoms have. It’s also worth noting that both brands have social and environmental missions. They’re cruelty free, only work with factories that pay their workers well, and donate part of their profits to women’s causes. Are you intrigued enough to pay a premium for all-natural condoms?



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