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Forget the Pencil: It’s All about the Brow Pen

Forget the Pencil

If I can dish one bit of beauty advice, it’s NEVER get your brows tinted. And definitely NEVER get them bleached. About two years ago after getting my hair colored, I asked the colorist at Oscar Blandi to lighten my brows – biggest mistake ever. They turned orange within a few hours, and I’ve been dealing with the repercussions ever since.

“I never recommend dying brows – especially bleaching. Brow hairs are so delicate and tinting them can cause them to fall out because of the chemicals. Also, it’s very hard to get the right color,” Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar, told me during a recent chat (she’s the go-to for celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker). If I can save one person from going through what I’m going through, I would be happy! I went through an extended period of getting them tinted to cover up the awful orange hairs, but covering up the bleached brows has only made them worse in the long run. I now have a rainbow of blonde, orange, red, and brown and again, this is after TWO YEARS. If you’re not happy with your color, opt for a temporary solution. It’s a quick and easy fix that just takes a few seconds a day. Sania recommends a lighter color if you want to soften your color or a darker one when you want to make your brows pop. Most of us have been using pencils or mascara-like wands, but after trying more products than I care to remember, I’ve finally discovered what I think is the best – an eyebrow pen.

BBROWBAR has a great line of pensicon. If you’re in NYC, stop by Saks to check them out in person and get an eyelash tint while you’re there; lashes are worth tinting, especially if you want to distract from your brows, and it takes just a few minutes. The pen, however, is the real star. It’s so easy to use; just draw a line in the middle of your brow, applying light pressure. Then take a brow comb and brush your hairs up a little. The effects look more natural than those created by a pencil and are more steadfast than those of the mascara-like wands I’ve tried. Again, it’s hard to get the exact color you want with brows so if you can try the product in person to find just the right color, that’s ideal…once you find the right one, it’s a brow saver!


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