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Moov Now: Moov It to Lose It

Frugal Snob Friday

While Moov Now may only be around $80, it packs a lot of punch. It does the same sleep and step-tracking your Apple Watch, Jawbone, and Fitbit will do, and then it goes one step further by offering real-time coaching designed not only to improve performance but to prevent injury. Moov Now works for running, cycling, boxing, swimming, and weight training. For example, if you’re running and you’re hitting the ground with too much impact, you’ll get an alert (yay for your knees!). Or if you’re about to hit your steepest hill yet, you’ll be alerted of that as well, so you can mentally and physically prepare. The fact that the device can work in and out of the water is also impressive; all the more given the frugal price point. That said, while Moov Now is waterproof at up to three meters, you can’t get live coaching while you’re swimming, but once you’ve completed your workout, you can check data on lap times, flip-turn times, and stroke rate. No matter your activity you can put in your fitness level and the coaching will adjust (the boxing coach is really cool…I love that it gives you insight on how accurately you’re punching), and you can listen to music while the coaching mode is on. There are 10 programs with 200 variations/fitness levels (these take into account the type of running you’re doing – i.e. when you’re running, are you doing intervals or practicing endurance? – as well as your goals). If you’re not particularly athletic or if you’re getting over an injury, you’ll love that there’s a “low impact” option.

You can also use health smart watches to track important data so have a look into the best health smart watches available if that sounds useful.

As for the actual aesthetics of the design, it trumps that of all the others (especially that of the bulky Apple Watch) in that it’s light, slim, and breathable – and the battery lasts up to six months! The one downside is that it’s definitely a sporty piece, and there’s no Hermès twist à la Apple’s on the Moov Now; so if you plan to wear it day in and day out, it might be a little hard to blend in after dark. The other point that is brought up often is the actual long-term appeal of dedicated fitness trackers. Is the future in smart watches like Apple’s with this kind of technology woven in? I personally don’t think so because I’m not looking to replace my Hermès watch – even though Apple partnered with Hermès – with something techy. Rather, I think the future is in this kind of tracker seamlessly blending in with a nice watch, and I would imagine that’s part of the next version of Moov Now.

What are your thoughts on the future of fitness-tracking devices?


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