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Proactiv Repairing Concealer: Fight Acne with Your Concealer

Proactiv Repairing Concealer

There are few things as annoying as having a breakout and knowing full well that by covering it up with makeup, you’re only making it worse. But then if you don’t, at least for me, it ends up heavily weighing down my confidence (and it doesn’t matter how many times my girlfriends tell me they don’t notice or my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful). Finally, I found something that can hide and help at the same time.

I normally never sleep with makeup on and always wash my face before bed, but to one particularly bad breakout, I applied a little bit of Proactiv Repairing Concealer after cleansing and went to sleep. Surprisingly enough, come morning, my breakouts weren’t worse. There are so many makeup products that bill themselves as skin care, but this actually fits that bill because it’s formulated with salicylic acid (one of the best acne-fighters). Four shades allow for quick customization, though I just dab a bit of the lightest shade with my finger, smooth it over with a foundation brush, and it looks fine without any color blending. The formula also has allantoin to increase skin smoothness and jojoba to help lock in moisture. Here’s hoping the brand comes out with more skin care-inspired makeup products! I’d love some foundation and a primer made with salicylic acid…who’s with me?? Proactiv Repairing Concealer available for $29.95 to regular shipment members or $34 for a one-time order.


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