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Beard Bib: It’s a Thing and Every Man Needs One


I make my boyfriend watch Shark Tank with me every week. It’s my only guilty TV pleasure aside from all the Housewives shows, and I love him too much to make him sit through any of those! When I saw Beard Bib on the program, I thought what an embarrassing and useless idea. Who would use this? Before I could get the words out, my boyfriend got so excited about the product, he said the idea of a scented beard oil is amazing.

Apparently getting small hairs everywhere when you shave is a BIG issue, especially for men who regularly trim their beards but what is beard balm?! He told me that I probably never noticed because he obsessively cleans his little hairs away after he shaves or trims (he assumed I’d get pissed were I to find his little hairs all over my sink, plus he’s naturally a little OCD about this kind of thing).

So what is Beard Bib ($29.99) exactly? It’s a product made by Beard King, and as the image above shows, it’s basically a bib that catches all of the aforementioned little hairs, meaning they won’t get all over your sink or counter, clothes, beauty products, and brushes; and arguably most importantly, they won’t eventually clog your drain if you live with a guy who regularly trims or shaves. Beard Bib is super easy to use, and while it might be hard to convince a guy to try this if he’s not naturally obsessed with things being clean, he should be convinced after using it once because even with the “setup” it saves a ton of time overall when you consider the lack of cleanup. And let’s be real…the Instagram picture value of this product is priceless!


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