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Here’s Why Retoxing Is the New Detoxing

Here's Why Retoxing Is the New Detoxing

“You know what I find pretty funny? People on juice fasts that are angry and stressed. I don’t find this funny like…ha ha ha…look at those nuts! But rather funny as in Alanis Morissette’s ‘Isn’t it Ironic…don’t you think’ funny…which is why I had to write RETOX,” explains I.AM.YOU. Studio founder and author of RETOX, Lauren Imparato. “Retox is the new detox because quite frankly, detoxing and deprivation are so over. And your body already knows why…”

Here's Why Retoxing Is the New Detoxing

Imparato goes on to say that there are two types of toxins: the tangible ones and the intangible ones. Tangible toxins come in various forms, all related to what we physically put into our bodies. “These encompass everything from alcohol to processed foods to pollution, chocolate, chemicals, and more.  Western society obsesses over these toxins, which generally results in people going on painful fasts and juice cleanses or eliminating products and centuries-old viable food sources. Intangible toxins come in the form of emotions – anger, stress, worry, grief, sadness, and extreme excitement, primarily. In traditional Chinese medicine, each of these emotions is processed by a specific organ – stress in the liver, fear in the kidneys, worry in the spleen, etc. These toxins are eliminated in the same way the ingested tangible ones are and are equally toxic to our system.

Here's Why Retoxing Is the New Detoxing

“So when someone is juice fasting to get clean, but is stressed or angry because of the challenge and logistics of it all, life, or really just because he is starving, he is actually adding a plethora of toxins to his body, and not advancing in any ‘cleansed’ direction at all,” says Imparato. “Essentially he is starving himself for no reason. Even if you eliminate all the physical toxins from your diet and surroundings (which, by the way, is impossible), you can still be creating toxins with your mind. These toxins, intangible as they may be, will equally affect your tangible physical body…and juice ain’t the solution.”

With that said, Imparato shared with us three tips to help keep your entire system clean:

1. Chill. Not in your career or life adventures, or as a sloth on the couch, but in your mind. Remember that whatever you are feeling or experiencing is transient. It too shall pass.

2. Eat normally. Generally speaking, 60+% vegetables, 20% lean and clean fish and red meat, and 20% other, including things you like.

3. Sweat. Just for a few minutes a day. This is crucial to keeping the organs and system that you already have in shape.

What are your thoughts? Ready to give up juice cleansing?

Here's Why Retoxing Is the New Detoxing

Photo Credits: I.AM.YOU.


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