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Beauty Product You Need for Your Frequent Workouts

It’s the new year so presumably your workout regimen is still on track. I’m actually quite proud of myself for back to back Orange Theory sessions and I even went to Yoga last night, which never happens because I blame my kids for wearing me out by 3pm (by the way, that’s when I pick them up from school). I started a fairly rigorous circuit training last year which I love and still continue to do, but let’s face it, working out daily (not me!) or 3-4 times a week (warmer) wreaks havoc on your skin and even worse for your hair!! For the best tips on skincare routine and products, visit So I started looking for products that work for frequent workouts – here is the definitive list of MUST HAVES that I absolutely love. Find on the best beauty tips and keep stylish and handsome.

I fell in love with Kim Pierce of Babe Australia when I met her here in LA. She is so genuine and kind and it’s apparent she is passionate about her products. I love products created by real people, not by a corporation in a board room. Her Himalayan salt scrub is designed to relax and rejuvenate your muscles after a workout with a side effect of silky smooth skin and a healthy glow. The physical scrubbing in the shower is great because it acts like a massage but you can also use this in a bath which is exactly what I need right now! Himalayan Salt Body Scrub for $16.50 USD. She also sells at certain Urban Outfitters.

All that sweating actually makes your skin incredibly dry so make sure you keep it nice and moist to achieve that firm body you’re working so hard to get. I love feeling pampered and girly after a workout so a rose scented lotion is perfection, but this Baby Australia Punk Rose Body Souffle isn’t the powdery stuff your grandma uses, this one has a nice kick! $20 USD

The hair is the biggest issue for frequent workouts. Do you wash daily and ruin your hair or do you look like you were involved in an oil spill? I have a dual solution, the first is using the Rene Furterer Lumicia Frequent Use Shine Shampoo when I really cannot avoid washing my hair. This gentle formula gives a beautiful shine while not stripping and drying. On Amazon for $22. The second is the following.

Judge all you want but if I didn’t sweat like a pig I don’t deserve a proper hair wash, I use dry shampoo. It’s true, use of dry shampoo should not be abused, it will clog your hair follicles and cause hair loss! But once…maybe twice a week when you’re in a bind is ok, just don’t spray directly on to the scalp. I love the Klorane Gentle Formula Dry Shampoo with Oak Milk because it gets the job done without leaving residue. On Amazon for $20.

Gotta keep those legs and armpits shaved at the gym. There is no excuse for being lazy about your presentation at the gym when you’re at the gym being un-lazy for your presentation. But never, ever dry shave, it will causes blemishes, ingrown hairs and you will get stubbles sooner. Using a good shave cream will keep the razor away longer. I share the Ursa Major Shave Cream with my husband, if it’s good enough for his face, it’s good enough for my legs. On Amazon for $24.

I will be the first to admit, natural deodorant does not work for me on a regular basis, I need the aluminum clogging stuff in order to be socially acceptable. But at the gym, while I’m purging toxins, it’s good to let the pits sweat it out along with everything else so I go for the Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant that keeps me smelling relatively decent. This is not an anti-perspirant but the cool refreshing eucalyptus does provide me a 2 ft radius before you notice that I smell like the inside of boxing gloves. At Barneys for $22. If you’re looking for more great deodorant brands, check out the McDaid pharmacy.

I always feel grimy after the gym and although I don’t (because you shouldn’t) exfoliate that often, at the end of a hard week, I must treat myself to a mini facial treatment. The Kate Somerville ExfoliKate works like a exfoliant and mask at the same time. I do the scrubbing part at the beginning of my shower then leave it on until the end. The 2 oz is $85 on Nordstrom.



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