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Out of the Box Dates for Valentine’s Day

I love gifts just as much as the next girl but Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to create a special memory with someone you love. Because at the end of the day, will you remember the love of your life for the necklace he/she gave you? Or will your most cherished memory be that time you laughed uncontrollably together or fell in love with the same painting at a museum. You never know when and where these moments will come but if you go outside the box with the things you do, chances are much higher you’ll get a kick out of each other in some unexpected way. Here are some really fantastic, interesting date ideas that I promise will deepen the connection with whoever you’re with. And if you are single and looking for love on Valentine’s Day, it can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there’s plenty of dating advice for women that you can find online.

Dining in the Dark

Opaque is a pitch dark dining experience promised to heighten all your senses (other than sight, of course). You will get a crazy boost in sensitivity to smell and taste but imagine how romantic it is to eat in total darkness. My husband hates PDA so this will be my chance to grab all I want and make him squirm. The secret is out, that’s about as kinky as we get (and that I’m immature). Don’t worry about getting spilled on, the servers are blind or visually impaired so rest assure that service will be top notch. Opaque is only available in Los Angeles and San Francisco but there are other similar experiences, like Camaje in New York where you’re blindfolded instead.

Rent a Pontoon or Duffy

If you live near any body of water, there will be rentals for pontoons and/or Duffy boats. These are easy to drive and usually stay in a relatively calm bay so it’s super low on the stress scale. Dress warmly, grab a bottle of wine and a charcuterie platter and be prepared for an amazing ride that undoubtably rivals Jack and Rose’s romantic scene in Titanic. Your date may not have Leo’s charming smirk-smile but it’ll be better, mainly because you will live.

Go to a Burlesque Show or Strip Club

I suggest this even though I have been to a strip club with my husband and hated it. But this isn’t about me, some people really get a kick out of watching some other woman grind on their date. It is definitely very sexy, if you’re not the jealous type. Again, not about me….

Wine Tasting

This may be an easy one that you’ve already thought of but wine tasting is not just about getting drunk. Yes, it’s mostly about getting drunk but you do it in a way that forces you to talk to each other about something other than sports. I’m a HUGE sports fan so I’m not dogging it, but wine tasting is a very personal thing because everyone has their own take on how wine tastes to them. You may be surprised at the similarities or differences you have. And you will definitely find a wine you both love and that will become your wine. How sweet is that!

Love Is Art

The only reason men partake in the Valentine’s charade is because they know they’ll get laid at the end of the night. Why not make love making the date itself and call it art. Like literally. Love Is Art is a kit that comes with everything you need to turn sex into actual art. You get non-toxic paint and a canvas – then go at it using your body as the “paint brush”. There is a special Valentine’s Red Luvtone Edition for $60 on Aha Life.

Wine and Canvas

Before you go and say all my suggestions involve drinking, just keep in mind it is also about art! Wine and Canvas or Paint and Pour (there are various places that do the same thing in every city) involve drinking and painting. Even if you are not artistic, with enough wine everyone becomes an artist, it is a universal law. This is perfect for new relationships when sitting at a quiet dinner can get awkward, you can divert your eyes to your painting at anytime without being rude. And for the hardened married couples, you will breathe new life to your relationship with something new to criticize.

Escape Room

The Escape Room is a true bonding experience especially if you don’t know each other very well, it is a very telling way to see his/her true nature. And swiftly access intelligence. The same traits and idiosyncrasies that are revealed are very similar to those when traveling together, like patience, ability to problem solve, team work, interpersonal abilities, and tolerance. Basically, if he’s a jerk you will know within the hour. The reverse can also be true, you may just fall in love after witnessing his uncanny ability to get your out of that claustrophobic room!



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