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Plantronics Workout Headphones: Go Ahead and Sweat It

I’ve been looking for some bluetooth workout headphones for awhile now, and I’ve think I’ve found the perfect ones…Plantronics BackBeat Fit headphones! I already have a bunch of different headphones for different uses, and already have spent several hundred dollars on all of them, so the last thing I wanted to do was buy ANOTHER pair of headphones…but workout headphones are a definitely a special case.

I sweat a lot, so waterproof headphones are a must. In a quest for better sound, I tried using my pair of my regular in-ear headphones while jogging. They stopped working after some perspiration got in an earpiece. Luckily it dried out and worked again the next day. My next workout, I went back to my old, cheap, corded Sony workout headphones that sound like crap.

I workout a lot with free weights, so the cord has always been a hassle. I have to move my iPhone from one pocket to the next when alternating sides, or unplug them when laying down on a bench and the phone won’t stay in my pocket. I’ve gotten use to it, but I knew I had to get some bluetooth headphones. Visit for the best true wireless earbuds 2021.

Last Christmas, I saw the Plantronics BackBeat Fit on sale and just pulled the trigger. I knew Plantronics was a reputable brand, and saw that they had decent reviews on Amazon, so I hoped they wouldn’t sound too bad. After using them once, I was really pleased with the quality and went back and bought another pair for Kelly.

Though the sound quality is not bad, the volume is another matter. I max out the volume every time I use them. The instructions say something about the design of the headphones are such that you can hear outside noises (presumably while jogging on city streets) for safety reasons. That may be why they don’t get too loud. Due to the volume issue, I haven’t been able to take a phone call while using the headphones. I usually remove an earpiece and use my iPhone in the regular way. The volume is definitely good enough for music listening in a gym environment though.

So far I’ve had no issues with sweat. The headphones are waterproof and are supposed to handle being submerged in fresh water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. If it can handle that, then it should be able to handle my perspiration and the occasional spray of water from rain or what have you.

As far as staying in place and comfort are concerned, these headphones are awesome! The earpieces don’t bother me at all and always stay in place. The design also causes no issues when laying down on a mat or bench as well.

According to the specs, the headphones should last up to 8 hours,. On a full charge, my headphones announce that they have 6 hours of listening time. I know that’s quite a bit of difference, but I can live with that. Just remember to charge it after every couple of workouts using the included USB cable.

I definitely recommend the BackBeat Bluetooth headphones for the quality and the price. For around $70, you can’t go wrong with the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones.


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