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Givenchy vs Candie’s Fur Sandals: Fur Fun’s Sake

Other than the price difference, I get that one is mink and the other is faux fur. But when it comes to single season trendy throw away sandals, can you really look the mink in the eye and satisfactorily justify harming it? I normally sing an entirely different tune when it comes to shoes – must be of highest quality!! – but who cares here? When it comes to fun, let it be fun with fun pricing, too. I want to wear these to the pool and not give my kids the death stare if (and when) they happen to (will) splash my fur feet. With the $560 you will be saving, splurge on a 5 star hotel instead, in the long run that is what you will remember, not that your fur sandals at the pool weren’t real mink. Wear with a flirty dress, casual capris or frayed hem jeans. Givenchy Mink Sandals (pink, nude, gray or black) at Barneys. Candie’s Faux Fur Sandals (pink, gray or black) at Kohl’s for $34.99.



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