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Cle de Peau Radiant Multi-Task Oil: Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Oil is the one language your body fully understands. Think about it, your entire head secretes oil all day long. I know that sounds gross but it is a basic function. Sure there are good oils and bad, but even the bad – greasy head – is meant to protect and nourish your hair. Your oily T-Zone is actually a good thing, it just goes awry when your pores get congested. So the thing to do is, clear out the old oil and replace it with new clean oil. Yes, like an oil change for your care.

Obviously you can’t just use any oil. I am a huge proponent of using oils (my other favorite is the Darphin Rose Aromatic) for everything from hair to face to body. But I’ve been buying different oils for everything when I could have been using the Cle de Peau Multi-task oil. It is incredibly lightweight and absorbs quickly. The result is instantaneous in feel, you can sense your skin taking it all in. But it’s the morning and days later that really proves its effectiveness. Your dewy skin is so bright and firm, you might just skip foundation and show off your bright fabulous skin. I absolutely love the scent, it is floral without overwhelming, the subtle mix of orchids and peonies makes you think you’re in a garden rather than in a perfume shop.

Although, a warning is required here, the if-a-little-is-good-a-lot-must-be-great philosophy does not apply here (or very often). I was out all day in the elements one day and felt that I needed a good overnight treatment so I indulged and really laid it on thick. Umm, my face couldn’t breath. I had to remove most of it. So when the instructions say use a drop, use a drop. And it is definitely enough for the entire face. Then with what’s left on your hands, smooth it over the ends of your hair for smooth shimmery hair. If you really want to indulge, add a few drops to your body lotion and let your entire body glow! I do this on occasion but honestly, the large size bottle makes you pretty generous to the rest of your body.

Want it? Get it at Barneys New York for $160, which might sound steep at first but it is 75ml, the bottle is like 4 inches tall.



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