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Serenity Now! My Life Essential Bath Ritual

Showering and bathing is a renewal experience, it’s a rebirth in which you hit the reset button and start afresh. When you finish your shower or bath, a fluffy cozy White Cotton Towel that envelopes you is your big welcome to the fresh new world. Why would you ruin that with an average towel?

My bath time is the most important ritual in my hectic life. Everyone in the house knows it is my time, so they dare not disturb. It doesn’t matter what is bothering me, whether I’m sick, tired or in a horrible mood, a bath will reinvigorate me. I bring my book or watch a show on the iPad and indulge in pure selfishness. It is so effective, right after my bath, I become completely accommodating to the endless demands of my kids (“What’s Washi tape? What? NOOOO, I have to go to Michael’s for it!!?”; I haven’t washed my car in a month and now I have to move it out of the garage so my daughter can repaint her bookshelf, because it just started raining; X-acto knifing cardboard into Californian Mission walls and risk losing a finger or at best, destroying my new manicure, etc). I say yes to all this because, bath! Baths literally make me a better mom! This is what people mean when they say, you must take care of yourself first! So true. And no, this trick doesn’t work for my husband!

Micro Cotton sent me a set of their new Hotel Collection Premier towels and it is now a permanent fixture in my bath ritual. It is the fluffiest, softest towel I have ever felt, you can see the puffs of cotton nubs that act as mini cushions on your skin while it quickly absorbs water without feeling water logged and heavy. They are 100% cotton which is the only kind of towels you should get, synthetic materials might be super soft but they don’t absorb and you just get slippery. This is the towel you need in your life. Want it? Get it at Macy’s.

These are so good I want you to experience the luxury for yourself. I am giving away a set of the new Hotel Collection Towels (bath, hand and wash towel). All you have to do is follow Snob Essentials on Facebook and I will select one person at random on April 17, 2017. I will PM you so make sure to check messages.



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