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Mother’s Month Giveaway

AHAlife giveaway

Just a reminder that it’s not too late to win this amazing prize worth almost $800!! All you have to do is like the Snob Essentials Facebook page. One winner will be selected at random at the end of the month.

I love this quaint and charming Barware Set by WP Design ($49). The mason shaker is so much better and easier than a traditional shaker that leaks and the top never comes off. Super annoying!

This might seem random but I really have no idea how I lived without this before. I always carry a Turkish Towel with me. It is the best multi-tasker in the world. You can use it as: a scarf, swimsuit cover up, blanket, picnic blanket, diaper changing station, a barrier to any gross surface you need to sit or lie on and as an actual towel. It rolls up in to nothing so you can always keep one in your tote. Hera Turkish Beach & Bath Towel $79.

All you need to say is alpaca and I will want it but baby alpaca is next level obsession. This gorgeous blanket will not only last forever but it will be mom’s favorite item to cuddle up to when all her babies (all kids are babies to moms) are too busy for the daily hour long cuddle sessions she needs. This soft baby blue puff of cloud is just what is needed when a nap is in order. Baby Alpaca Lap Blanket from Echoview for $189.

This might seem excessive but she also needs this travel wrap when she’s on a plane, train or automobile. I cannot get on a plane without a wrap because once that A/C starts blowing I cannot get comfortable without a plush cashmere barrier. This is another can’t live without item because you can wear it in so many ways, as shawl, scarf, snood, shrug, or blanket. White + Warren Travel Wrap $298.

This giveaway is all about setting mom up to relax whether she’s on a getaway or getting a few hours at the beach. This carry all tote for summer will take her near and far. Throw the bar set in here (see below!) and she has a mobile party! In fact throw everything in this giveaway in here and send her off to Bora Bora. One day, that Mother’s Day dream will come true. Woven Jute Tote Bag $148.



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