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In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve gone and what I’ve been doing, well, here it is. My newest passion – home design. More specifically, it’s my own home! Over the last year during the construction, I’ve had to make daily decisions about where and how to prioritize my resources, as well as, what is important to me and my family, and this process has forced me to re-evaluate my life and goals along with it.

For example, I had a seemingly tough decision between getting the Moynat Réjane Clutch or the kitchen backsplash tile that was too expensive for words. Either handmade tiles, made one at a time and hand painted by a local artisan, fired in a kiln in a local studio; or a handmade bag with baby soft hand tanned leather, sewn by artisans whose craft is about to be extinct. In the end my values were apparent and clear and the decision was simple, something long lasting that will enhance a bigger part of my life is in my kitchen and not my arm.

This physical and spiritual remodeling has made me consider, long and hard, about Snob Essentials and whether or not I am being honest and fair to my readers. And rather than take you through the toiling of my mental meandering, I took a break from it all and stopped posting. I wanted to wait until I had that Jerry Maguire moment of clarity. When I started Bag Snob 12 years ago, I did it because I had a bursting passion that needed to be expressed no matter what form it took. I needed that passion back and I didn’t want to post anything that didn’t stand up to that level of conviction. I won’t go as far as saying my passion for bags, and fashion are no longer important to me but it is definitely no longer a central figure in my life. So why would I bore you with tepid reviews about something I feel contrite about?

Everything always went back to family and friends and it invariably revolved around the kitchen. Of course my master bathroom and walk in closet aren’t too shabby either! But we will get to that later. If you’re looking for great architectural designs, I highly suggest that you check out

While doing my kitchen remodeling, I spent so much time designing the functional space around this kitchen and all the gizmos that fit with my needs and wants. I will get in to each of those areas separately, otherwise this post will never end. But for starters, here is a list of what you’re looking at.

List of appliances:

Refrigerator – Sub Zero 36″ All Refrigerator built in

Freezer – Sub Zero 36″ All Freezer built in

Dishwasher – Thermador 24″ Topaz, Flat Door, Professional

Range – Thermador Pro Grand 48″ Dual Fuel Range, 6 Burner, Griddle

Hood – Custom design from Modern Aire

Wine Cooler – Uline Wine Captain SS Revers

Sink – The Galley Sink, The Ideal Workstation 6

Faucets – Waterstone Traditional Pulldown Faucent, Satin Nickel Finish

Backsplash Tile – Ken Mason, Maroc Deco 6×6″ Custom Colors

Kitchen Designer – Lorianne Saverese of Savvy Kitchen




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  1. What an amazing renovation! You made the right choice regarding tile vs. clutch, but I must admit that I miss reading about your thoughts on bags and shoes. Bag Snob was the first (and best) fashion blog I followed, and it was extra nice that it was helmed by two awesome Asian women. I’m glad you’re doing well, though. Please post more photos of your new house! I have to see the walk-in closet and how you store your bags!

  2. Your 12 years old readers evolve too (OMG THAT LOONG?!). Now i`m not interested that much in beauty and fashion, laundry rooms are my obsession. You did amazing renovation, please do a looooong post about everything. I`ve never thought that i loose my passion for beauty and style, but now all i think is where do i get the most luxury door pulls

  3. So what happened between you and Tina? Why is she running Bagsnob and why have taken over SnobEssentials? Just curious. I’ve been following you both since the beginning in 2006? 2007?

  4. So how do you like the galley sink? Looking at a 5 foot model but it won’t be in the island. It’s an octagonal kitchen with it occupying one of the octagon sides looking out a window. Would that make sense?

  5. I like how you renovate your kitchen so much! Especially I like the colors, they are so relaxing. I will use your ideas as inspiration for my own kitchen!

  6. A kitchen aid mixer is the most wonderful machine for the kitchen for someone who does a lot of baking and cooking. Also, I use my bamboo cutting board a lot, as well as my silicone spatulas.