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Gold Facts

In times of uncertainty, precious metals can provide you and your family with security and protection. The price of gold has risen 2% this week. The correlation between this new wave of buying and the price of gold appears to be positive, which indicates that the gold market is likely to bounce back after the … Continue reading “Gold Facts”

Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics Workout Headphones: Go Ahead and Sweat It

I’ve been looking for some bluetooth workout headphones for awhile now, and I’ve think I’ve found the perfect ones…Plantronics BackBeat Fit headphones! I already have a bunch of different headphones for different uses, and already have spent several hundred dollars on all of them, so the last thing I wanted to do was buy ANOTHER … Continue reading “Plantronics Workout Headphones: Go Ahead and Sweat It”


Civil Society: Beatles Meet Couture

  The Fab 4 probably didn’t dress this cool as kids (being that they were born during a war!). The love of the Beatles continues on to yet another generation, the only disagreement is whether John or Paul is cooler (the right answer is John). Civil Society has fashion for boys that is worth coveting … Continue reading “Civil Society: Beatles Meet Couture”


Kaloo Plush Activity Book

These plush books go from crib to library. Before your tot is ready to sit on your lap and read, he can still enjoy these pages tied to the rails of his crib. There are fun little activities they can do, like take out the plushy character dolls and crinkle the pages. Then these become … Continue reading “Kaloo Plush Activity Book”


Happy Father’s Day, We Love Daddy

To honor dads on this day, I have listed my top 10 reasons why they are so lovable. 1. When he says I’m beautiful, he means it with all his heart. 2. We can’t live without those hugs. 3. Can carry a sleeping baby in his arms for hours while we shop (and most of … Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day, We Love Daddy”


New York to Milan on a Redeye

JFK with Trunki (hoping to wear them out, didn’t work); Overcast but a beautiful view of Milan from our apartment New York to Milan on a redeye. The risk associated with taking a redeye with tots does not justify the rewards, whatever those are. Saving a day? No, you are actually ruining 2 days. Our … Continue reading “New York to Milan on a Redeye”