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Summer Lovin’

Is it summer yet? I can’t wait until June so let’s just pretend it’s summer already by going out and getting this super fabulous Miu Miu Summer frame bag. This is the larger version of the must have for Spring which is what we need because why would we necessarily have less things to carry … Continue reading “Summer Lovin’”


Days of Grace

Thank you Fashionable Kiffen for this week’s Carnivale of Couture topic. What trend do we want resurrected We want the glamour and femininity of women from the 50’s back. Yeah, well, we can do without the bowing down and kissing our husbands asses part, we just want the attitude of style and dress. These days, … Continue reading “Days of Grace”


Diamond Crocodile Birkin

What’s better than a Black Croc Birkin? A Black Croc Birkin with bling! Earlier this year, Doyle New York auctioned off this black crocodile Hermes Birkin customized with a clasp and lock featuring 14 carats of pave diamonds that sold for $64,800. So in the world of bags, this officially is the ultimate in the … Continue reading “Diamond Crocodile Birkin”