Snob Essentials
F.A. Porsche 700 Storage Trolley Office Organizer

F.A. Porsche 700 Storage Trolley Office Organizer: Space Ace

Those with small apartments know the importance of making the most of their space, but even people with larger, cluttered homes would benefit from this sleekly designed organizer. Conceal a mini office or a mini bar in this space age style trolley!


Casabella: The Neon Collection

I hate cleaning; in fact I hate it so much that more often than not I have a cleaning lady come over when I really have no justification for it ( is awesome and they can send people with cleaning supplies…just saying!).

Graduation Gifts

College Graduation Gifts: Go Ahead, Make Their Day

It’s that time of year again! College graduations are upon us, and if there’s one thing that graduates love more than anything else–except maybe September start dates–it’s presents.

Livingstones Pillows

Livingstones Pillows: Soft Rock

These pillows give all new meaning to the expression, “a stone’s throw!”

Verner Panton Living Tower

Verner Panton Living Tower: Art as Life

Danish designer, artist, and architect Verner Panton blurs the lines between art and furniture with his Living Tower. This is modern design at its best (or rather, mid-century modern design at its best, as this was dreamt up back in 1968). It’s like an indoor tree house, only much more chic and comfortable. The upholstery coats soft foam, so this isn’t some inaccessible piece of art – it truly is furniture.

Louisdog OMG Dog Bed

Louisdog OMG Dog Bed: Fido Goes Frou Frou

I am not a crazy dog owner. Of course I love my pup like she’s a person, but my house is certainly not full of crazy dog lady accoutrements. I have normal stuff. Her bed is forest green, so this majorly froufrou alternative with a tufted head board, tutu skirt, and too many bows would normally be way past the line for me. It’s literally called OMG. As in, OMG I must have it!!