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Sweaty Betty's Reversible Leggings Give You Bang for Your Buck

Sweaty Betty’s Reversible Leggings Give You Bang for Your Buck

It’s no secret that the market for athletic wear has exploded and that prices are anything but frugal, which is why Sweaty Betty’s line of reversible leggings caught my eye. Priced at around $120 – $175 depending on the style, the pants are designed to be worn two totally different ways (usually either a vibrant print or a solid black side out)…

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Koral Activewear

Koral Activewear: This Brand Will Make You Want to Work Out

What a difference a great outfit can make, and that holds true for the gym as well. Actually, in my experience, it holds true for the gym more than almost any other place (those damn, unflattering fluorescent lights!!). I am OBSESSED with Koral, and I can’t imagine that you won’t be too when you check out their website. I would literally wear everything. Better yet, their pieces are so well-designed that you can get away with wearing them by day even if you’re not heading to the gym. I’ve actually had men ask me about clothes from the brand (the pants on the top left get the most compliments from my experience…seriously, I have yet to wear them without at least one person commenting or asking me where I bought them).

Workout Clothes You'll Actually Want to Wear Out

Workout Clothes You’ll Want to Wear Out

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the new activewear brands launching these days, but let me make it simple for you. Your really only need to know about three: Alala, Michi, and Koral. Not only will these brands have everything you could possibly want to feel great about the way you look at the gym (and they’re made to function just as immaculately as they look), but they stock a ton of options that would look just as good in a bar as they would in a gym.

Here's What You Should Always Bear In Mind When Shopping For Activewear

What You Should Keep In Mind When Shopping For Activewear

I remember reading an article in the WSJ a few months ago about how the sales of yoga wear have zoomed, but the number of people actually doing yoga has stayed more or less stagnant (the article was called “Yoga Poseurs”). I thought it was pretty funny, but I can see how that has happened…