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Skin Care Tips for Asians from Skin Care Expert, Renée Rouleau

Tina and I met in the late 1990’s when she started coming to me for facials to keep her skin clear, smooth and glowing–and after all these years, she hasn’t aged a bit! I’ve worked with many Asian clients throughout the years and the distinctions between Asian skin and Caucasian skin are numerous.


Renée Rouleau Shares 10 Possible Causes of Adult Acne

Are you well past your teenage years but still get occasional breakouts? As an esthetician for 22 years, I have a lot of experience with skin and have some helpful advice to share!


Dr. Alex Liu: The Reveal on Peels

        Before and after results after facial rejuvenation peels Everyone talks abut peels these days, everything including cleansers now claim to be a peel of some sort. I recently sat down with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alex Liu who I barraged with a list of questions. The most important being how it works. Once we reach … Continue reading “Dr. Alex Liu: The Reveal on Peels”