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Top 5 Favorite Bag-and-Shoe Pairings

Top 5 Favorite Bag-and-Shoe Pairings: Best Party Couples

When it comes to coordinating your bag and shoes, the natural tendency is to go matchy-matchy, but that look is always very safe and lackluster. A little less literal is the route to take. What we want, especially for an occasion like a party, is to punctuate the pairing with personality.

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Top 5 Favorite Bag-and-Shoe Pairings
Wedges to Cruise In

Wedges to Cruise In: All Feet on Deck

Now is as much the time to stock up on cute wedges as it is the time to collect winter coats. Why? Because you should be leaving those bulky jackets behind and hopping on a cruise! When I know I have a seafaring adventure on the horizon, the first thing I shop for is the perfect wedge.

Rihanna PFW

Web Snob March 25, 2014

The fashion news today features Brian Atwood selling his company, Rihanna’s best fashion moments, and a Beyoncé workout class.

B Brian Atwood Ava Spotted Calf-Hair Convertible Top-Handle Bag

B Brian Atwood Ava Spotted Calf-Hair Convertible Top-Handle Bag: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Can’t decide which wildcat you like? Here’s a cornucopia of animal prints, and surprisingly, they look great together. The success is in the balance: B Brian Atwood has taken what could be a tacky overloading of spots, and made it feel easy and effortless.

Extra Strappy Sandals

Extra Strappy Sandals: Winter is Coming

Cold weather keeping you from wearing sandals in the winter? Don’t let it stop you! Okay, adding a few extra straps won’t exactly prevent frostbite, but it looks like it might (go with me here) and besides, it’s mind over matter. Just make sure you have the Uber car service app downloaded – that way you can catch a ride when things start to get a little too icy!

B Brian Atwood Marella Ankle Strap Pumps

B Brian Atwood Marella Ankle Strap Pumps: Walking on Air

Brian Atwood is the hottest man alive. Sorry, Tom Ford, but this is true. Not only is he hot, he listens to women. He heard cries from around the world about how uncomfortable his gorgeous shoes are so what did he do? He made the world’s best pumps to live in. We all need a pointy pump staple this season, and this pair is mine.