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Halloween Jewelry

Halloween Jewelry: Trick or Treat

Halloween and costumes go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean your jewelry has to follow suit. Have fun with the holiday’s themes – just do it with pieces that you can also wear outside the month of October! Orange and black, skulls (of the McQueen variety), and creepy crawlies are all on the table. Which will you be sporting for the witching hour?


Top 5 Conversational Cocktail Rings: Let’s Talk

With all of the parties penciled in on your calendar, you’re going to want a few special cocktail rings! It’s good to have small talk topics ready in your back pocket (or in this case, on your hand!) – preferably ones that do not revolve around the weather. Even the most boring parties can be … Continue reading “Top 5 Conversational Cocktail Rings: Let’s Talk”


Ginger McGann Couture Rhonda and Daniela Necklaces

Ginger McGann’s Rhonda Necklace Ginger McGann recently launched her couture jewelry collection at Live! on Sunset in Los Angeles, where I proceeded to drool over many of the pieces, including the Rhonda and Daniela necklaces. The Rhonda necklace, which retails for $840, features 18k gold vermeil, sterling silver and Mojave green turquoise, which I had … Continue reading “Ginger McGann Couture Rhonda and Daniela Necklaces”