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Sugar, Fillers, Shaving…You Need to Read These Beauty Myths

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it turns out sugar isn’t only bad for your waistline, it’s also bad for you skin; and we’re not just talking possible breakouts, but signs of aging too.

Celebrity Eyeliner Personalities

Celebrity Eyeliner Personalities: Find Your Liner Soulmate

If I had an eyeliner personality type, it would be called “roll out of bed and smear a gray line on my upper lids as evenly and thinly as possible.


Vaser Shape: Lipo, Redux

Recently, I was asked to try the Vaser Shape, an ultrasound treatment that zaps fat cells and essentially does what liposuction does, but – keyword – non-invasively. Phrases along the lines of, “immediate results, painless, and free” were the factors that made the decision easy an easy yes for me. “What can I lose?” I … Continue reading “Vaser Shape: Lipo, Redux”



I went to an event a few weeks ago that was meant to showcase a few of the brands stocked at Even though I was familiar with a bunch of the products the site carries, I had never heard of the site, which is pretty surprising considering the 10s of thousands of products they’ve … Continue reading “LovelySkin”


resurf.a.stic by Blinc

If there’s anything that will stop you from wanting to go under the knife, it’s watching reality TV (ahem Real Housewives and the ladies of The Hills). Sure not everything can be solved by diet and exercise, zen-inducing yoga, facials, and daily skin-cleansing upkeep — mostly because that requires the kind of time most women … Continue reading “resurf.a.stic by Blinc”


Celebrate New Years with Lady Gaga and Boobs

Here is a unique way to spend New Years with Lady Gaga and a new set of breasts from New York’s Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg. This might sound random but I bet this package is the missing puzzle piece in someone’s life. The entire package includes Rolls Royce chauffeured night out on … Continue reading “Celebrate New Years with Lady Gaga and Boobs”