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Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride: The Tot Treasure Chest

As a parent, you’re always looking for ways to occupy your tots that don’t involve screen time (of the TV, computer, or iPad variety). I have trouble navigating Michaels arts and crafts stores, so I steer clear whenever possible. A subscription service that sends a new set of activities each month seems too good to be true…but it’s not.

Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm

Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm: Plant the Seed

Gardening with your tots is the single best way to teach them about food and health. They will eat what they grow and love the entire process. I do not have a green thumb but I try my best to keep a garden with my kids – a very small and manageable garden. Chuckle Farm has kits for kids that are perfect for my style of gardening.

BabbaCo BabbaBox

BabbaCo BabbaBox: You’ve Got Mail

BabbaCo creator Jessica Kim knows that we’re always trying to come up with new, more creative ways of entertaining our tots, so she developed the BabbaBox. This set of fun activities for ages 3-7 is mailed to your home each month (May’s theme is “Deep Sea”) and includes everything from arts and crafts to games … Continue reading “BabbaCo BabbaBox: You’ve Got Mail”


Dragon Box + Algebra: Monster Math

If my tots are going to be using an iPad, I want them to have fun and learn something new. While the number of educational apps grows everyday, Dragon Box stands out by teaching exceptionally tough mathematical concepts. It teaches algebra, and the best part is that your kids won’t even realize that! They’ll think … Continue reading “Dragon Box + Algebra: Monster Math”


Seeds of Change Organic Watermelon Planting Pots: Better Homes & Gardens

I love gardening with my tots. Besides being a fun way to spend time outdoors, it’s a great learning experience for them (and bonus – you end up with food!). My kids grew potatoes in our backyard and were absolutely blown away that we could actually eat them. The source of what we consume has … Continue reading “Seeds of Change Organic Watermelon Planting Pots: Better Homes & Gardens”


Instagrad College Contribution Plan: Diplomatic Diploma

With the ever-increasing price of education (college tuition is expected to double in the next ten years), it is absolutely essential to beginning saving for your tot’s future ASAP. Some parents even start the process before their little one is born. That may sound preemptive, but it’s really just good planning. Another smart strategy? Instagrad. … Continue reading “Instagrad College Contribution Plan: Diplomatic Diploma”