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Esteban Cortazar
Fall Wardrobe Update

Fall Wardrobe Update: The Top 7 Little Black Tops

Forget the little black dress for a moment. Just as elemental to your wardrobe is the little black top. In fact, I devote an entire section of my closet to just that!


Esteban Cortazar Silk-Chiffon Wrap Top: Five Ways to Wear It

Sometimes you see something fab, but then again, you feel like it’s probably way too specific to make it a reality in your life. Take Esteban Cortazar’s cape-like, flowing chiffon top: When you first see it, you might think “one-night stand,” but this is a piece that’s down for some commitment.


Top Gowns of the Season: Belles of the Ball

There is just something in the DNA of women that makes us love dressing up to the nines. Some like to be theatrical with large, flowing gowns and their best jewels, while others prefer to be daring fashionistas trying out latest trends and newest designers. The best thing about these special occasions is that they … Continue reading “Top Gowns of the Season: Belles of the Ball”