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Puddle Jumpers: Make Sure Your Tot is Water-Safe

The summer is so fun! You get to spend time outside with your kids, and that’s even more fun when you introduce water. But yikes, with that comes the stress of keeping them safe. It takes all of the excitement away when you’re made to feel that you need an extra set of eyes on your tots around any type of water source. And if you plan on getting on a boat, forget about it; my anxiety levels goes to 11, and I’m on high alert the entire time. The day usually ends with me wondering why my neck and shoulders are in agonizing pain. Were all of my muscles in a vice grip along with my nerves? That’s no way to spend the summer.

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Skincom Easy Solartent

Skincom Easy Solartent: Take Cover

I’ve never been impressed with beach umbrellas. They offer minimal coverage and inevitably end up blowing away. On the opposite side of the spectrum are tents. The problem? They’re HOT (if I wanted to sweat, I’d go to a sauna) and a huge hassle to put together. Skincom’s solartent is the best of both worlds. … Continue reading “Skincom Easy Solartent: Take Cover”


Best Mother’s Day Gift: Resort to Escapism

All moms deserve a break but even if you take the tots out of the house, she will not be able to relax with so many loose ends laying around to distract her with. If you really want to please her and get her something that will make a real difference, get her a hotel … Continue reading “Best Mother’s Day Gift: Resort to Escapism”


Uniden Guardian Surveillance System: Private Eye

Uniden’s Guardian is an easy to install, intuitive security system for your home. It’s perfect for those with in-house childcare or date night babysitters. With these cameras in place, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at and around your home at all times, which is especially great when you’re traveling. You can watch from your … Continue reading “Uniden Guardian Surveillance System: Private Eye”


The Georgi Stroller Bag: Slide On and Ride On

The Baby Cargo Georgi diaper bag is made specifically to fit onto strollers which makes for a much nicer ride. No more hanging  swinging bags hitting you in the legs while you walk. This convenient bag clings tight to the stroller thanks to giant grommets that slide over the handles. This makes the carrier hang … Continue reading “The Georgi Stroller Bag: Slide On and Ride On”


Diono Space Maker Stroller Storage: Expanding Your Brood

Shopping with a stroller is a double edged sword. You have an instant shopping cart but if you overload it, it becomes a tipping hazard. You can go with an SUV size stroller but then you get stuck in traffic. Too small and you have no room to load up your goods! Diono has thought … Continue reading “Diono Space Maker Stroller Storage: Expanding Your Brood”