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Is There a Danger In Trying a Teatox?

Is There a Danger in Trying a Teatox?

If you regularly scroll through wellness, fitness, or beauty Instagram accounts, you’re very likely to have come across so-called experts lauding the benefits of various teatoxs, but I wondered how safe these really are after reading that many of them contain laxatives and can have detrimental effects if used for more than two weeks. They are also not regulated, so brands pretty much have free reign to make whatever claims they like. When it comes to weight loss, there really aren’t any shortcuts, and anything that sounds too good to be true…is! Otherwise we’d all look like Gisele! That said, there are seriously real benefits to drinking “regular” antioxidant-rich tea. Take for example Republic of Tea’s SuperGreen collection, which blends organic matcha, green tea leaves, and functional herbs. It includes Immunity, Serenity, Lean Green, and Brain Boost. The blends taste amazing, and while I can’t say they soothe my taste buds when I’m dying for a big piece of chocolate fudge cake, they do soothe my stomach after I’ve eaten three jumbo pieces!

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Is There a Danger In Trying a Teatox?