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Golden Globes Trend

Golden Globe Trend: Cape Dresses

Can we all just agree that Jennifer Lopez was the best-dressed at the Globes? That dazzlingly bright marigold Giambattista Valli gown with the cape was everything. The caped-crusader trend definitely didn’t start with the always-flawless star (remember Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at the 2012 Academy Awards?), but there’s no doubt she’ll be the one to mainstream it. Be prepared to see cape everything, starting now.

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Top Black and Gold Pieces

Top Black and Gold Pieces: Power Couple

In the words of Wiz Khalifa, “Yeah, uh huh, you what it is.” While he’s referring to the combination of black and yellow, I say close enough! Black and gold is what’s up. There’s just something about this eternally cool, classy combination that feels right for ringing in the New Year.

Top 5 Day Bags for Fall

Top 5 Day Bags for Fall: Carry On…and On…and On

There are days when it’s all about the bag. You take out your wardrobe’s best and enjoy putting forth the energy to baby it with precious treatment. And then there are those days when life gets in the way and you’re too busy to worry about taking care of an investment piece while you go about your business.

Best Tuxedo Pants

Best Tuxedo Pants: Putting on the Ritz

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to break out your tuxedo pants! Last fall’s trend has kept calm and carried on all the way through the year, so gear up for summer. The elegant menswear-inspired style adds a surprisingly fun, sporty element to pants, elevating even the most humdrum colors and fabrics to chic heights…


Five Essential Summer Dresses: The Long and Short of It

Shop smart this summer. As much as we want to buy every cute dress we try on (and god knows there’s an unlimited supply of those), it’s best for your budget to remember that you need a little something of everything. Maxis like this printed Nanette Lepore ($226) are great for your average day. See … Continue reading “Five Essential Summer Dresses: The Long and Short of It”


Best Peplum Tops: The Trend Goes On

People questioned the staying power of peplum, but it looks like the trend is enduring through another season. To counter the naysayers, peplums are evolving, some growing bigger and brighter than ever. It’s just the style to dress up even your most casual digs, so be sure to pluck one of these peplums for your … Continue reading “Best Peplum Tops: The Trend Goes On”