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Shorts and Tights: Snob or Slob?

Shorts can be summers best friend or your worst enemy. But what about in winter? Do you dare to throw on a pair of tights and brave the elements in the name of half-pants? You decide.

Snob or Slob

Snob or Slob: Taylor Swift’s Shirt Dress Ensemble

Now I love a good shirt dress, especially this time of year. They are comfortable, versatile, and look great with flats or heels which is a plus when the weather starts to turn. However, there’s something about this particular dress that’s a bit too man-ish? I get that’s the idea of the look, but this one is a bit too bulky.


Red Valentino, Falke, and Missoni Socks: Hot Socks

Fun things about fall, no matter what age you are: Rolling around in crisp, crunchy leaves. Apple cider (and depending how old you are, spiked apple cider!). And cozy new socks! Mid-September means it’s time to layer, and that especially includes your legs. Gone are the days of breezy sundresses. Happily, there’s no cooler way … Continue reading “Red Valentino, Falke, and Missoni Socks: Hot Socks”


ShāToBu: Workout You Wear

I recently met ShāToBu creator Dr. Denise Perron and what struck me about her is that like the folks behind the Bootcamp kits, which I wrote about over on Beauty Snob, she stresses the importance of balancing diet, exercise, and products and insists that there are no quick-fix solutions. She was very straightforward and I … Continue reading “ShāToBu: Workout You Wear”


Les Queues de Sardines

I’m not a big fan of stockings. In fact I’m not even a big fan of socks (hence my loving Uggs no matter how un-cool they are!). I do however find Les Queues de Sardines‘ offerings divinely eye-catching. I first came across them at Colette in Paris and while I would never wear any of … Continue reading “Les Queues de Sardines”