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Top 5 Pieces from Paire

Top 5 Pieces from Paire: Runway to Reality

Every season, you should buy a few key pieces that will be your new statement jewels. For me, there’s no other place to look than Paire.US. The online boutique carries runway pieces that you cannot find anywhere else – and trust me when I make that statement, I mean it. Once you’ve acquired your major jewels, you can gradually fill in the blanks with other fun pieces that aren’t so striking.

Jenny Packham Fall 2014 Collection

Jenny Packham Fall 2014 Collection: Queen of the Night

Last season, Jenny Packham, aka fashion’s resident queen of romantic, sparkly eveningwear, got a little bit relaxed and showed it by imparting day looks into her Spring collection. For Fall 2014, she is continuing on that more laid-back path, but forget the sugar-sweet ingénue. This time around, it’s all about after-dark insouciance.

Jenny Packham Spring 2014 Collection

Jenny Packham Spring 2014 Collection: Victory, Victoriana

You can always count on eveningwear-maven Jenny Packham to go for romance over modernism, yesterday over tomorrow, and her Spring 2014 collection was barely a departure from her gorgeously feminine norm. But while staying true to her distinct aesthetic, she did manage to mix it up!

Jenny Packham Bridal Collection

Jenny Packham Bridal Collection: Always the Bride…

…even when you’re not! That’s right – I’m not going to let the fact that I’m already married stop me from commandeering these looks. I’ve been excited about the jewels since I saw them at Jenny Packham’s runway show. I love that the Swarovskis are set like diamonds – it elevates the look without elevating the price…


Jenny Packham NYFW Spring 2013 Collection: Win-Win Situation

Like Balmain before her, Jenny Packham looked to the bright lights and blinking slot machines of Las Vegas for her Spring ’13 inspiration. But even if the spirit of the Strip was infused in every sequin and embellishment of the collection, we’re still talking about a red-carpet master: old-world glamour runs rampant. Think ever-tasteful – … Continue reading “Jenny Packham NYFW Spring 2013 Collection: Win-Win Situation”