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Top 5 Felt Bags: Heart Felt

Now is the time to embrace some major texture changes! If fur is too extreme for you as a winter bag, then felt is definitely right. Think of it as the perfect frigid-weather compromise. Soft and not too-in-your face, it’s the more practical choice.


Manic Monday: The Great Escape

It’s a Monday in August, and if you ask me, that’s barely a Monday at all. Except try telling that to yourself now that you’re sitting at your desk dragging yourself back from a weekend beach jaunt…


Top 5 Chic Shapes: A Lesson in Geometry

A new movement in bags is literally taking shape. Forget what you’ve heard about beginner-level geometry; it’s a mere trend – nothing more. What was once a novelty concept has now evolved into a staple.

Kotur Margo Tulle Floral-Appliqué Clutch

Kotur Margo Tulle Floral-Appliqué Clutch: Petal to the Metal

I’m usually not one to get all kitschy and fussy with a clutch, but when something strikes a chord, all rules go out the window. There’s a girly side to each of us. This all-over floral applique clutch in the perfect, peachy pink is so freaking adorable, I will work an outfit to make this work. It can get ridiculous pretty quickly, so no to wearing it with a flouncy, floral dress.

January Giveaway

January Giveaway: Win a Solid-Gold Kotur Look!

Let’s jumpstart 2014 in style, shall we? Our January giveaway is one of our most glamorous ever! What better way to kick it off than with Kotur?

Top 5 Festive Clutches

Top 5 Festive Clutches: Tis the Season to be Folly

Embrace the folly, and the jolliness will follow. All the exuberance that comes with the holiday season allows for a sense of play. Go ahead, break the rules and make a fashion faux pas on purpose. When done right, your tongue-in-cheek blunder can be the ultimate exception.