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Wallaroo Hat on Violet Affleck

Violet Affleck with the Wallaroo “Sophia” Hat (in the stroller) If there is one thing we know about celebrities, it is that they’re good at preserving their good looks. And of course they would extend this to their precious tots. Violet Affleck is seen, not exactly wearing, but we’re assuming at some point she was … Continue reading “Wallaroo Hat on Violet Affleck”


Vivesana Solar Polar Baby SPF 42 Sunscreen

Vivesana means clean living in Spanish and that is what their products are all about. This Solar Polar Baby sunscreen ($32) with synthetic-free SPF 42 is the highest you’ll find. It is all organic, nourishing, gentle, hypoallergenic and even comes in a BPA-free aluminum tubing. It is a thick cream but I don’t mind, although … Continue reading “Vivesana Solar Polar Baby SPF 42 Sunscreen”