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Top 5 Standout Suitcases: Look-at-Me Luggage

This may surprise you, but I do not own a single black suitcase. I only buy standout pieces, so I know they won’t get lost in the shuffle of the carrousel. When your bag is unique, people are less likely to mistake yours for their own.

High-Tech Father's Day Gifts

High-Tech Father’s Day Gifts: The Latest for the Greatest

The classic question goes, what do you get the man who has it all? Well, we finally have an answer. The latest technology!


Top Travel Companions: Come Fly With Me

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and it welcomes the official start of the travel season. And that means we need the perfect travel companion: the right bags! This time, it’s on the outside that counts.


Dreaming of a White Christmas: What I Must Have in White

Bing Crosby fantasized about a white Christmas back in 1942, and some things never change. I can’t speak for Bing, but I know I’m still hoping to see white come December 25th…

CA 5 Travel Bag by PB 0110

PB 0110 CA 5 Travel Bag: Ready, Jetset, Go!

The overnight bag has never been so chic. Or this unrecognizable, for that matter. You wouldn’t guess this is a piece of luggage just by glancing at it; it looks far too sophisticated. It’s also as modern and futuristic as it appears.

Smart Luggage Solutions

Smart Luggage Solutions: Well Traveled

I’m in New York City for a few days, and every time I pack for trips, I can’t help but think of better, more efficient ways to travel. Meaning, better, more efficient luggage. Not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty obsessed when it comes to smart suitcases and beyond. This isn’t about traveling “in style,” per se. It’s about traveling with as little stress and mess as humanly possible.