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The Snob Staff Valentine’s Day Wish List

The Snob Staff Valentine’s Day Wish List: Better than Flowers and Chocolates

Yesterday my boyfriend gave me an early Valentine’s Day present: Scattergories. I don’t care how old I am; I love a good board game, and I love him for knowing that. Plus, with temps in NYC expected to drop to a balmy 13° on Sunday, a little at-home entertainment is a nice idea. Well, after playing one round, I feel compelled to warn you: I suspect this game has the power to shake even the strongest of relationships. I’m pleased to say that my boyfriend and I are still together, but how he came up with “pumpkin pie” for the category “a place that is hot” remains a mystery to me…

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The Snob Staff Valentine’s Day Wish List
High-Tech Father's Day Gifts

High-Tech Father’s Day Gifts: The Latest for the Greatest

The classic question goes, what do you get the man who has it all? Well, we finally have an answer. The latest technology!

Best Bags to Gift for Father’s Day

Best Bags to Gift for Father’s Day: Man’s Best Friends

It’s that time of year again! Time to pay homage to the men in our lives in the best way we know how: by updating his carryall collection. Whether he’s a bag enthusiast or tries to shove everything in his pockets each time he leaves the house…

Top 5 Newsworthy Pieces

Top 5 Newsworthy Pieces: What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

This old riddle comes into play when checking out the current trend that takes black and white to whole new heights. The answer to this age-old joke is, of course, the newspaper (as in, read all over), and I definitely consider this trend newsworthy.

Golden Goose Double Zip Bag

Golden Goose Double Zip Bag: Ready for Takeoff

The ultimate bag would be one you can buy for your man and sometimes borrow because you actually bought it for yourself and needed a slick justification. This would be one of those bags. The carry-on is something that I have perfected. I bring A LOT of stuff on the plane with me – a blanket, a pillow, an eye mask, a cosmetic pouch with maximum hydration products, food, water, my iPad…

Top 5 Latest Man Bags

Top 5 Latest Man Bags: Behind Every Good Man…

It’s time for another roundup of my favorite man bags, the ones that have recently inspired me. Not only to do some shopping for the men in my life, but to get in touch with my tomboy side. Minimal and functional, sensible and stylish: they’re all about simplicity.