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A Man's Man in Milan

A Man’s Man in Milan

This season, menswear in Milan is both accessible and extraordinarily masculine with deep, rich colors that convey elegance and sartorial range.

How To Buy a Suit

How to Buy a Suit: The Basic Details that Make a Suit

Most men are perplexed by the ordeal of buying a suit. What looks good? What is appropriate? How formal should it be? What’s a vent? If my husband is any indication, these quandaries paralyze the process to the point they that make most men avoid it all together.

Trend Report

Trend Report: Men’s Fashion Month Spring/Summer 2015

This season, the dates of the London shows were moved up to avoid coinciding with Pitti Uomo. Translation: the guys have now have their own MONTH. And why not? I think it’s time we start taking menswear a little more seriously.


Father’s Day Finds: What Your Male Figure is REALLY Wanting

When I was a kid, I used to give my dad silly little things for the day of the year he was actually celebrated for being my father. As I grew older, I began to realize that simple trinkets really wouldn’t cut it. This year, I’m gearing up (and thinking about what really would go … Continue reading “Father’s Day Finds: What Your Male Figure is REALLY Wanting”


Spring Has Sprung: A Sartorial Springing Into Step

Spring is officially here! Okay, so while yesterday was the true first day of spring, today is the traditional start of my favorite verdant season. One of the best parts of the season is that it enables you to reinvigorate your life by cleaning out what you don’t need, and seeding the aspects of your … Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung: A Sartorial Springing Into Step”


Men’s Fall/Winter 2013: Making It Modern

After such a strong season in London, Milan, and Paris, I didn’t know what to expect in New York. Little did I know that my expectations would be blown away, especially with all the young talent. With five collections that caught my eye, I’m looking forward to growing my closet in a few short months.