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Specific Instructions for Mother's Day

Specific Instructions for Mother’s Day

I will tell you what moms want for Mother’s Day. I don’t want a spa treatment; I will do that on my own when I need it. Don’t try to buy me an expensive bag. Again, I can manage that myself and get the bag I actually want without pretending to like the one you got me and now can’t return and am stuck with in the wrong color that I’ll never wear. Not to sound ungrateful or anything. This is truth-telling time. I want a day to be left alone to catch up on my shows (Outlander, OMG!) and finish the books that I got at the library a month ago. I don’t want to be left alone on actual Mother’s Day, though. On actual Mother’s Day, I expect my favorite meal served at my favorite restaurant; none of that three-ring circus buffet that happens in a hotel. Rich, if you haven’t made a reservation for Son of a Gun by now, you are so screwed. Their burrata with uni and slivers of mushroom, if only you can bring that to me in bed!!! While I’m watching Outlander.


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