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Why You Might Want to Use Facial Oil — Even on Oily Skin

Facial oils aren’t evil – even if you have oily skin! In fact, facial oils, for the most part, work for all skin types. Why? Most people with oily skin tend to over-cleanse in an effort to control the levels of oil on their skin. Unfortunately, this only makes your skin produce more oil…


The Next Big Thing in Ethical Body Care: Plant Brooklyn

Plant Brooklyn is not only a brand that makes all of their products meticulously in small batches using organic ingredients, but they also have a serious social mission.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Oil and Emulsion

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Oil and Emulsion: So Happy Together

I used to be all about La Prairie’s Skin Caviar (even though I was probably too young to fully appreciate it), but when it comes to age-defying, hydrating beauty products, nothing tops their new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal collection.

Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview: La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Line

La Prairie held a splashy event to launch two new products that are the result of major innovation. They’re coming out early next year, but I had the chance to check them both out now: the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, which can work separately or together.


L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil: Take It Slow

You know I love a good oil, so of course I couldn’t pass up trying one that was sent to me. L.A. Christine’s No. 3 berry face oil is a blend of unique super berries, including Scandinavian Lingonberry, Brazilian Acai Berry, and Raspberry, that has been used for hundred and hundreds of years. They’re known … Continue reading “L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil: Take It Slow”


Sleep ‘n Beauty Silk Pillowcase: Beauty Sleep

The tagline for Sleep ‘n Beauty’s mulberry silk pillow case is “wake up young and beautiful.” If only it were that easy. The pillowcase is infused with essential oils that your skin can soak up while you sleep. Sounds like a great idea, you think. Anything anti-aging that can be done while I’m sleeping is … Continue reading “Sleep ‘n Beauty Silk Pillowcase: Beauty Sleep”