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Salvatore Ferragamo Salvatore Leather Bowling Bag: Boom Box

Some things are great in theory and not so great in actuality. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Salvatore bag is one of those things. Conceptually, it’s intriguing, with cutout handles, a pocket-topped panel, and offbeat structure.

5 Convertible Bags

Top 5 Convertible Bags: Multitask Force

Bags are the only accessories that can truly multitask (other than shoes, which make for pretty handy bug exterminators when the occasion arises). The oversize pouch is the “it” clutch if there was ever such a thing, which is exciting because that allows you to justify investing in a luxe laptop case (finally!).

Golden Goose Double Zip Bag

Golden Goose Double Zip Bag: Ready for Takeoff

The ultimate bag would be one you can buy for your man and sometimes borrow because you actually bought it for yourself and needed a slick justification. This would be one of those bags. The carry-on is something that I have perfected. I bring A LOT of stuff on the plane with me – a blanket, a pillow, an eye mask, a cosmetic pouch with maximum hydration products, food, water, my iPad…

Nina Ricci Ballet Cabas Leather and Canvas Shoulder Bag

Nina Ricci Ballet Cabas Leather and Canvas Shoulder Bag: Hello, Lover

I’m so in love! I’m no ballerina, not even close, but this update of Nina Ricci’s delicately impactful Ballet bag is making me want to dance. Or at least do a little twirl with it on my arm. While the original has a wide, east-west silhouette, this newly elongated iteration really speaks to me.

Victoria Beckham Liberty Textured-Leather Shopper

Victoria Beckham Liberty Textured-Leather Shopper: Give Me Liberty…

There is winter white, and then there’s your winter wear-with-everything bag. Victoria Beckham just inspired me to fully embrace light colors for the holidays with her supremely neutral, supremely pretty Liberty tote.


Maison Martin Margiela Oversize Shoulder Bag

Lusting for a white bag for summer? I am eying this minimalistic Margiela in buttery soft leather. There are 2 compartments, the smaller is actually a giant outer pocket. Everything is giant about the bag which is what makes this bag so cool. The simplistic and basic shape is made unique and hip because the … Continue reading “Maison Martin Margiela Oversize Shoulder Bag”