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Super Simple Sick & Sinful Halloween Treats

Everyone loves Halloween and even if you don’t love crafts and fashioning food to resemble ghouls and goblins, I promise you can manage these. Your guests will get a kick out of these fun snacks and the best part is, you can take the credit without any of the effort. All of these are EASY … Continue reading “Super Simple Sick & Sinful Halloween Treats”

Valentine's Sweet Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Tots: Cupcakes, Cards, and Kabobs

As fun as Valentine’s Day can be for adults, it’s even better for tots. Who doesn’t miss exchanging silly cards with friends and classmates? Simple Valentines are just the tip of the red and pink iceberg, though. There are thousands of craft and snack ideas out there, and I love to try new ones each year with my girls. Here are a few of my holiday favorites…

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New Year’s Eve Party: DIY Countdown Supplies

I have a slumber party every year at my house on New Year’s Eve, and it’s a pretty special invitation to get, if I do say so myself. It just doesn’t seem like anyone wants to go out for New Year’s, especially if you have tots. Assuming they’re old enough to stay up until the … Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Party: DIY Countdown Supplies”


Unique Birthday Candles: Flame On, Party On

Candles are not just candles anymore. These inventive and fun options will dress up your cake, and even sing “Happy Birthday” to you! You may first want to start with Fred and Friends’ Cake Candelabra ($7.48), a fabulous way to hold your candles – as long as you don’t want more than nine! The silver-toned base … Continue reading “Unique Birthday Candles: Flame On, Party On”


Ad Hoc Cake Mix: Watch Out, Sprinkles!

Baking and holidays are inseparable, and baking for Easter is an institution. And with all the rainy days ahead, you’ll need something to do indoors (that was me yesterday). I recently ate at Ad Hoc in Napa Valley where award-winning chef, Thomas Keller, serves his childhood-inspired comfort food. Not only did I eat there, I … Continue reading “Ad Hoc Cake Mix: Watch Out, Sprinkles!”


Martha Stewart’s Halloween Issue

If you love Halloween (who doesn’t?), you MUST pick up Martha Stewart’s special Halloween issue. It has crafting ideas that are so fun and easy. And when I say easy, I mean easy, because I am not very crafty. There are some that are beyond my skill level so if you are artistic and talented, … Continue reading “Martha Stewart’s Halloween Issue”