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Summer Shoe Essentials

Summer Shoe Essentials: Rising to the Occasion

Unless you live in a warmer climate like Cali, you spend a nice chunk of the year unable to wear sandals, espadrilles, and other summer shoes. Now that the season is finally upon us, have fun with it! Playful beach ball prints, cork wedges…these are the types of pieces you want to indulge in. I’ve sorted all my favorite essentials into categories, a nice reminder of how to budget to get what we really need – and want!


Beauty Trend Report: Rachel Zoe’s Windswept Hair

My dad’s favorite toy is his Maserati….who could blame him? There’s nothing like driving top down, down an open road. If only my hair looked as fabulous as that of Rachel Zoe’s models when windswept! (and my dad trusted me enough to drive his car…).

New York Fashion Week Roundup 3

New York Fashion Week Roundup 3: Rachel Zoe, Tory Burch, Elie Tahari, and Kaufmanfranco

Leave it to Rachel Zoe to make sequined sweatpants look sophisticated. Her casual California cool never comes without an air of elegance. We saw the usual suspects (jumpsuits and maxi dresses) as well as some welcome newcomers (long denim skirts and polished laser cut jackets).


Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Bonnie

CONGRATS TO LYDIA B. OF CHICAGO, ILL- winner of the Bonnie! It’s ba-nanas! For the next month, we will be giving away a gorgeous new shoe from Rachel Zoe’s latest collection each week (FOUR pairs total!). Starting off the mega-giveaway with a bang, the bodacious yet wearable Bonnie is up for grabs. With the perfect … Continue reading “Rachel Zoe Collection Giveaway: The Bonnie”